I. The Bottlenecks and Potential Prospects of Chinese Aroma Chemicals Enterprises
II. Current Situations and Prospects of Natural Essential Oils in Anhui Province
III. Planting and Processing Situations and Future of Mint in India
IV. Analysis and Comparison of China and Indian Mint Industry 
V. Global CST (Crude Sulfate Turpentine) and GT (Gum Turpentine) Supply and Demand Analysis
VII. The Current Situation of Natural Essence in Vietnam
VIII. How to Make Good Use of the Zero-tariff Policy of ASEAN

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2010-02-03 14:19:56

CHINAEASA Conference is MyStep CMS韶an excellent opportunity for the enterprises t蛾紊o sho阱羽w缝硝 their image and promote th站国eir p坏MyStep CMSroducts侯菠. 2010 CHINAEASA 扦畅ConfeMyStep CMS摁rence will set up exhibi菩球tion booths for participants.铜件 The details are as follows,   远揣MyStep CMS疤 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
材骂A. Exhibition Fee is RMB2,   000MyStep CMS o樱镰r USD310蕉MyStep CMS/boothMyStep CMS,   incl焊嘱uding:陬腿 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
a. 2 tables(1.1顺彩6*翟疽0.庸嘶4m),   3冽聽chairs芨MyStep CMS肘岔 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
b.MyStep CMS效 Back board (2m * 1.5 m),   Printing and Installat米墩ion髓镣MyStep CMS篮 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
c. One page colorful ad in conference d郝绑ocumentOriginal From Chinaeasa 2010
B.浪恢 Ti速MyStep CMSme S萱城chedule:Original From Chinaeasa 2010
区责 May 30(reg裸乡istrati亲召on date)惟振抟去 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
13:00 Booth decoration汾MyStep CMS惦MyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2010
14:00-21:00 ExhibiMyStep CMS或t邻MyStep CMSio乖嚎nOriginal From Chinaeasa 2010
May 31(1st day of the慧MyStep CMS C咴廾onferenceMyStep CMS伉惑葼 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
谫端 09:00-17:00 ExhibitionMyStep CMS贬 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
June 1 (2nd daMyStep CMS七y of the C俑儒onference )拶针 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
09:00-12:30 Exhibition蜖MyStep CMSMyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2010
12:30 Exhibition finishes归协 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
黎MyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2010
累盈Attentions侄軤剃MyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2010
佣钾a. SelecMyStep CMS映tion of the booths is subjecMyStep CMS墒t t融衫o MyStep CMS岿thMyStep CMSe registration order.研菰 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
b诂MyStep CMS. After the registration is 苘MyStep CMScompleted,   the se待忌cretaria参递t will draMyStep CMSft a booMyStep CMSth map. A贝岭ccording to the o琵崇rder of旧家 registMyStep CMS夼ration,   exhibitors c哆戌an select theiMyStep CMSr booth location剧MyStep CMS. Once MyStep CMSthe booth is MyStep CMSselected,   the locMyStep CMSation can not be changed anymore.MyStep CMS潜MyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2010
c. Staff on the booth must also be the official par薜谊ticipants o茚刑f th蹲束e co签偷nferenMyStep CMSce,   and have to wear t範冶he particiMyStep CMS壑pMyStep CMS燕ant’s card.Original From Chinaeasa 2010
d. If electricityMyStep CMS is needed in the bo丹津oth,   please inform the secretariat in advance.遂焕欣拴 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
e苦MyStep CMS. Deadline forMyStep CMS registration is April.15,   2010.MyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2010
f. The 2 fiMyStep CMS蛾les used for b诱黉ack bMyStep CMS凰oard an哌囹d ad. in the conference d昧MyStep CMSocument should be d忠育esigned by the exhibito予喧rs according to the r薄超equirementMyStep CMS蓥s of the secre晨赫tariat.讥刀 Electronic copy of the files should be 刈豺submitted to secretariat 斯王no later than April 20,   201嘶吝0. Any negative subs签种equence should be born by the exhibitor郊MyStep CMS if t唾赝he submission i疽亓s delayed.MyStep CMS坜力MyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2010
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