I. The Bottlenecks and Potential Prospects of Chinese Aroma Chemicals Enterprises
II. Current Situations and Prospects of Natural Essential Oils in Anhui Province
III. Planting and Processing Situations and Future of Mint in India
IV. Analysis and Comparison of China and Indian Mint Industry 
V. Global CST (Crude Sulfate Turpentine) and GT (Gum Turpentine) Supply and Demand Analysis
VII. The Current Situation of Natural Essence in Vietnam
VIII. How to Make Good Use of the Zero-tariff Policy of ASEAN

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2010-02-03 14:19:56

CHINA咔MyStep CMSEASA Conference is an excel阡MyStep CMSlent opporMyStep CMStunity for the enterpriMyStep CMSMyStep CMSses to show th哨迭eir image and promote their pr吧碌oducts. 2010 CHINAEASA C妒附onferen郭第ce will set up exhibition booths for participan褷账ts. TheMyStep CMS details苜沃 are as follows,   MyStep CMS微 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
A. ExhibitMyStep CMSMyStep CMSion Fee is RMB2,   000 or USD31冂掬0/booth,  MyStep CMS inclMyStep CMS锑uding:MyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2010
a. 2 t茺悲ables(1.16*0.4孬柔m熬睦),   3chairs负新焊諣 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
b穿. Back board (2m * 1MyStep CMS辊.5索MyStep CMS m),   Printing and Installa奈腊tionOriginal From Chinaeasa 2010
c. One 怂軤page colorful aMyStep CMSMyStep CMSd in co费厍nfereMyStep CMS妻nce MyStep CMSMyStep CMSdocumentOriginal From Chinaeasa 2010
B. Time Schedule:Original From Chinaeasa 2010
May 30(registration date)嘉MyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2010
13:00 Booth deco糟MyStep CMSr苊食ation硬埃 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
14:00-21:00 Exhibition单MyStep CMS斯们 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
M倒淤ay 31(1st day of the Confer钳盒enceMyStep CMS肥睬 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
09:00-17:00亢讼 ExhibitiMyStep CMSonMyStep CMS痴挣荭 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
June 1 (2nd day of the Conference )坟纫MyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2010
09:仫揪00MyStep CMS-12:30 Exhibi婉肆ti粹MyStep CMSonMyStep CMS眨郄禾 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
12:30 Exhibition finishes羔MyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2010
Original From Chinaeasa 2010
AttentionsMyStep CMS波藜誊 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
a. SelectioMyStep CMSn of the booths MyStep CMSis subjeMyStep CMSMyStep CMSct to the regi鹰MyStep CMSs蕈阽tration order.窿莺 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
b. After the reMyStep CMSgistraMyStep CMStion is completed,   the secretariat患盯 will draft练益 a booth map. According to tMyStep CMS钥he order of registrati疽MyStep CMSo舰僖n,   exhibitors can select thei铁泡r booth location蔻撺. Once the bootMyStep CMS培h is镀MyStep CMS selected,   the莘MyStep CMS location can nMyStep CMSMyStep CMSot be change侏刷d anymore.柴作 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
c. Staff on the杭砚 booth 肤蘼must also be the official part厘缆icipants 鄣堙of the conference,   and 蝗僳hav箱籍eMyStep CMS to wear the MyStep CMSpMyStep CMSarticipant’s card.菩睫甫MyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2010
d. 脖MyStep CMSIf electricity is 籍MyStep CMSneeded in the booth,  懿MyStep CMS please inform the secretariat in advance.着堍MyStep CMS塥 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
涣咆e. MyStep CMSMyStep CMSDeadline for registration is ApMyStep CMSril.15,   2010领柯.MyStep CMS镑MyStep CMS讨 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
f干炯. T但MyStep CMShe 2 files used fo犯绢r back board and ad险虏. in the conferenc随噪e document MyStep CMSshould be designed by the exhibitors according to the requirements of t毫哝he 偶挂secretariatMyStep CMS剂.蕙蕻 Elect萘陇ronic copy of the files should be submitted toMyStep CMSMyStep CMS secretariat no later than April 20,   MyStep CMSMyStep CMS2010. AMyStep CMS删ny negative subsMyStep CMSe侣狱q蚀软uence should镶MyStep CMS be born by the exhibitor if牺倌 the submission is delayed.MyStep CMSMyStep CMS苞啕 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
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