I. The Bottlenecks and Potential Prospects of Chinese Aroma Chemicals Enterprises
II. Current Situations and Prospects of Natural Essential Oils in Anhui Province
III. Planting and Processing Situations and Future of Mint in India
IV. Analysis and Comparison of China and Indian Mint Industry 
V. Global CST (Crude Sulfate Turpentine) and GT (Gum Turpentine) Supply and Demand Analysis
VII. The Current Situation of Natural Essence in Vietnam
VIII. How to Make Good Use of the Zero-tariff Policy of ASEAN

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Dear friends in essential oils,   flaMyStep CMSvor and fragra菀MyStep CMSnce碧扯Original From Chinaeasa 2010
C竿MyStep CMSHINAEASA – China谇帝 Essential Oils,   Aroma a讲时nd Spices Trade Association – is a national asMyStep CMS瑞sociation MyStep CMS幻un愁MyStep CMSder the垃乏 Ministry of Commerce of China representing China’s MyStep CMS斡manufacturers,   processors,   traders on essential oils郅莉,   flavors,  帅联 fragra风酚nce,   仞aroma and spices.  CHINMyStep CMSAEASA has held 4 national sessions successfully from 2005 to 2009,   and cooperate釉荛dMyStep CMS with 垂株IFEAT to hold the 旋芴“Negotiati灶肪on and Show Special for C摊耪hina Esse哿MyStep CMSntial Oils and Aroma玲虽 Enterp隶哌rises” during IFEMyStep CMSMyStep CMSAT Conference Shanghai in MyStep CMSOc垂剁tober,   2009.  In 201寨却0,   CHINAEMyStep CMSMyStep CMSASA will develop the session to be internationally,  锨盖 frienMyStep CMSds outside China are also waMyStep CMS塾rmly welcomed to pa吼摭rti圉柜cipate.  With the 袤MyStep CMStopic of “Build an excha端脱nge儆MyStep CMS platform,   Seek common development of the industry”,   the conf镣剜erence will p昔青rMyStep CMSMyStep CMSovide a good垫MyStep CMS opportunity MyStep CMSfor communicatiMyStep CMS捱on and cooperation MyStep CMSunder the cu麻噌r瞅媚rent f初MyStep CMSinancia苓展l crisis.仄MyStep CMS炭 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
This conference will be held from May 30 to June 1,   2010 in粱MyStep CMS Hefei ciMyStep CMSMyStep CMSty仁五,  击爹 AMyStep CMSnhui ProMyStep CMSMyStep CMSvince,   China.  Anhui is one of the main 饭售producing areas该MyStep CMS of essential oils in 鸡嘧China,   where the industry of peppermint MyStep CMS全hMyStep CMSas very tenacious vita椭MyStep CMSlity wi崎械th dozens of years of changes. This conference w勃塬ill arrange e冒MyStep CMSight spe焙翌eches around the hot topics concerned by 承漠all people in this industry,   tw垛噩o forums for participants to discuss freely,   an MyStep CMSexhibiti鄙殿on and show for companies to negot茸蒯iate an吟姬d promote,   fiel囟剩d trip柠泽 to essential oils manufacturers,   half-day tour in Hefei,   visit to冕鲤 MyStep CMSMyStep CMSan ecologi棺噘cal parkMyStep CMS,   a post-co浑芑nference tour to a哈污nother mint MyStep CMS真oil manufactuMyStep CMSrer and the most beautiful mountain 白馋in the world -- Mount. Huangshan.Original From Chinaeasa 2010
We since壑切rely invite yo晰MyStep CMSu to attendMyStep CMS this confer埝胁e淬矿nce.  We beli沏鸿eve,   2010 CHINAEASA Conference wil厍茶l give you r笺诵efre踏沟shing feelings,   more market informati撸蟹on anMyStep CMSd businessMyStep CMSMyStep CMS opportu洛蜗nities,   provide you 隰蒽a wide platforMyStep CMSMyStep CMSm to meet new friends in China,   get more understanding藁MyStep CMS of Chinese iMyStep CMSndu峡缆stry财抡 and 宰处set 囔MyStep CMSup you company亳劫 im哈继age.枫颜缨 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
Official website o泌出f this con寐MyStep CMSfere藐廓nce www.c惫竿hinaeas鬯围 is open. You can check confer弧雌e昼厨nce programme,   speeches,   sMyStep CMSpons丿哧orship,   field trip,   exhibiti相MyStep CMSon,   嘁MyStep CMSdelegates list and other inforMyStep CMS魔mation on it,   and register on-li囗MyStep CMSne. If you 虫奋need visa 沈耗help,   please tellMyStep CMS us,   we can provide you with invitationMyStep CMS瑟 letMyStep CMSters. I冽爵f you have any questions or requiremeMyStep CMS感nts,   please send emails 凄栋t芬抟  oMyStep CMSr .辫惦蟹 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
We are looking forward to meeting you in Hefei,   MyStep CMSMyStep CMSChina!MyStep CMS除MyStep CMSMyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2010
MyStep CMS盆蚤傧 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
LI YiMyStep CMS扑视幼 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
Secr汞MyStep CMSetaMyStep CMSry General 囿蔸 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
MyStep CMS灾Ch瑟相ina Essential Oils,   Aroma周巯 and Spices Trade Associat猫鹤ionOriginal From Chinaeasa 2010
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