I. The Bottlenecks and Potential Prospects of Chinese Aroma Chemicals Enterprises
II. Current Situations and Prospects of Natural Essential Oils in Anhui Province
III. Planting and Processing Situations and Future of Mint in India
IV. Analysis and Comparison of China and Indian Mint Industry 
V. Global CST (Crude Sulfate Turpentine) and GT (Gum Turpentine) Supply and Demand Analysis
VII. The Current Situation of Natural Essence in Vietnam
VIII. How to Make Good Use of the Zero-tariff Policy of ASEAN

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2010-02-03 14:44:19

Dear friends in eMyStep CMSssential MyStep CMSoiMyStep CMS齐ls,   flavor重吒 and fragMyStep CMSMyStep CMSrance,  Original From Chinaeasa 2010
CHINAEASA – China Essential Oi檬MyStep CMSls,   Aroma and SpicesMyStep CMS Trade Association MyStep CMS– is a na哭苣tional ass北奏ociation MyStep CMS泳under the Ministry of Commerce of China MyStep CMSrepr著酸esenting Chi弑MyStep CMSna’辗藤s manufacturers,   processor芤MyStep CMSs,   tra弄诧ders oMyStep CMSMyStep CMSn 道狠essential oi棒饰ls,   flavors,   frag词肖rance捺荪,   aroma and spices.  CHINAEASA has held 4 national芸歇 sessions successfully from 2005 to 2009MyStep CMSMyStep CMS,   and cooMyStep CMS静peraMyStep CMS氯ted with IFEATMyStep CMS to hold th埂凌e “Negotiation and Show Special f邡茼or China EMyStep CMSssential Oils a杯虽nd Aroma Enterprises”柱福 during IFEMyStep CMS征AT Conference案MyStep CMS Shan谨MyStep CMSghai in Octobe忿r,   2009.  In 2010,   仙佘CHINAEASA will develop theMyStep CMSMyStep CMS sessiMyStep CMSon to be internatio汇觉nally,   friends outside China are also warmly welcomed to p渤蒽articipate. 水媳 W遮淀ith the toMyStep CMSMyStep CMSpic of “嚆即Build an exchangeMyStep CMS 懒美platfo铭郸rm,   Seek cMyStep CMSommon developmentMyStep CMS of the industr曼造y”,   the conference will proviMyStep CMSde a good 薅MyStep CMSopportunity for communication and coopeMyStep CMSration under the current finaMyStep CMSncial MyStep CMScrisis.Original From Chinaeasa 2010
This conference 戮摺will be held from嘹肋 May 30 to June 1,   2010 in坭埘 Hef叱MyStep CMSei city,   Anhui Province,   China.  Anhui is one of the main producing areas of essential 诗MyStep CMSoils in China,   where the industry of pepMyStep CMS訝pe汲MyStep CMSrmint hasMyStep CMS very tenacio乃MyStep CMSus vitality with dozen酉拽s of years oMyStep CMS仡f changes. This con央俞ference will arrange eight sp呀让eeches around the hot t唣眼opics con仳MyStep CMScerned by al愉MyStep CMSl people in this industry,   tw薯庙o forum驻晶s鼙怀 for participants to discuss freely,   an exhibition and show for companies菽菭 to negotiate and promote,   field trip to essential oils manuMyStep CMS烁facturers,   half-day tour in HefeiMyStep CMS罢,   visit to an ecological park,   aMyStep CMSMyStep CMS pos遗蓖t-conference t出假our to a啸喙nother mint独藩 oil拜胳 mMyStep CMSMyStep CMSanufac卢窗t融疼urer and the most beautifMyStep CMSMyStep CMSul mountain in the world -- Mount. Huangshan.MyStep CMS稜 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
We sincerely invite y焰婴ou 戳MyStep CMSto attend this conference.  We b睁箱eli网MyStep CMSeve,   2010 CHINAEASA Co蹄怨nMyStep CMSMyStep CMSference will give you refreshing feMyStep CMS培elings捞MyStep CMS,   m解罕ore market informatio勉MyStep CMSn a倮仁nd business opportunit胺恰ies,   prMyStep CMS七ovide you a wiMyStep CMSde卧履 platform to m噗芷eeMyStep CMSt new friends in China,  采跪 get 澄蚜more understanding潜郯 of Ch鹊寝inese industry andMyStep CMS set up you company 锗疏image.Original From Chinaeasa 2010
Official website of this con种樱fereMyStep CMSnce怀饥 www.廷鸟 is噪万 open. You MyStep CMS阴can check conference p鳞尖rogramme,   spe讪MyStep CMSecheMyStep CMSMyStep CMSs,   sponso攥谪rship,   f芪烧ield trip,   exhMyStep CMS葑ibition,   delegates list a倭MyStep CMSnd other information咣捭 on it,   and regis撙呋ter onMyStep CMS-lin惧MyStep CMSe. If劲MyStep CMS yoMyStep CMSu ne树MyStep CMSed visa help,   please tell us,   we ca喋娃n食钳 provide you with invitation letters. If you have宣陵 any quest坻沙ions or rMyStep CMS臆equirements,   please send emails to  chinaeasa@cccfna.orMyStep  or liy媚尼i@ccMyStep沉MyStep CMSc壕惋n .MyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2010
We are looking forMyStep CMSward to meeting you in Hefei,   呕币Chin哚殃a!MyStep CMSMyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2010
Original From Chinaeasa 2010
呕MyStep CMS LI YiMyStep CMS镣吟徽 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
Secretary Genera钮切l Original From Chinaeasa 2010
CMyStep CMS咛hina EssenMyStep CMStial Oils,  毯MyStep CMS Arom基咩a and Spices Trade AssociationOriginal From Chinaeasa 2010
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