I. The Bottlenecks and Potential Prospects of Chinese Aroma Chemicals Enterprises
II. Current Situations and Prospects of Natural Essential Oils in Anhui Province
III. Planting and Processing Situations and Future of Mint in India
IV. Analysis and Comparison of China and Indian Mint Industry 
V. Global CST (Crude Sulfate Turpentine) and GT (Gum Turpentine) Supply and Demand Analysis
VII. The Current Situation of Natural Essence in Vietnam
VIII. How to Make Good Use of the Zero-tariff Policy of ASEAN

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2010-02-03 14:44:19

Dear friends i群MyStep CMSn eMyStep CMS荡ssential oils,   flavor and fra廉媳grance,  架蒎 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
CHINAMyStep CMS膜EASA – China Essential Oils,   Aro谦铸ma and Spices Trade Asso汲叮ciation – is a national association under the Ministry of CommMyStep CMSMyStep CMSerce of China representing China’s manufac池趁turers,   proces得MyStep CMSsors,   tMyStep CMSraders那诠 on essential oils,   flavors,   fragrance,   aroma and spices.  CHINAEASA has 缺繁held 4 national se脊MyStep CMSssions successfully fro踊属m 20MyStep CMS惯05 to 2009,   anMyStep CMSd cooperated wi国葜th IFE怖誉AT to hold the “Negotiation and Show SpecialMyStep CMS拇 for ChinMyStep CMSa Essential OilMyStep CMSs and ArMyStep CMSoma Enterprises” during IFEAT ConferencMyStep CMSe Shanghai in OctobeMyStep CMSr,   2009.  In 2010,   掮搋CHMyStep CMSINAEASA will develop the session to be internationally,   fri蘧坠ends out噩圜side China areMyStep CMS also wa咂饱rmly welcomed to participate. MyStep CMSMyStep CMS W踌杂it序茔h the topic 孽MyStep CMSoMyStep CMSf “Bui料赎ld an exc蕙MyStep CMShaMyStep CMSMyStep CMSnge plat世喘fo倚烩rm,   Seek common devel椎亥opment of火MyStep CMS the ind虞禽ustry”,  弱做 tMyStep CMS帼he conference wi焉贫ll provide a g贴MyStep CMSood opportunity for communication an炉兢d coopera讨蔻tion unde央嗷r the curr四芾ent fMyStep CMSinancial crisis.雪颐 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
This conMyStep CMS切ference 戎常will be held from M倩佛ay 30 to June 1,   2010 in Hefei city,   Anhui Provinc辆MyStep CMSe,   China.  Anhui is one of the main producing areas of 碾MyStep CMSessential oils inMyStep CMS娟 China,   where the industry of peppe齿铺rmint has very丰呻 tenacious v广牟itality with dozens of years of 坤酵changes. This conferenc厚瑟e will arrange eight speeches around the hot topics c鄄MyStep CMSoncerned by MyStep CMSall people in thMyStep CMS江is industry,  诹蛀 two forums for 童彰participants to discus唆夹s 窝肋freely,   an exhibi橇舌tion and show for companies to negotiate and promote,   field 晃珐trip tMyStep CMSo essenti埚铰al oils manufactur遏崖ers,   half-day tour in Hef蔼骆e菱盈i,   visit to an ecologica垦未l park,   a post差瘟-co赌MyStep CMSnferencMyStep CMS联e tour 羹咝to another mint oiMyStep CMS铅l manuf拼灭acturer and the most beautiful mountaMyStep CMSMyStep CMSin in the world -- Mount. Hua窜翌ngshan.懂眷 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
MyStep CMSWe sincerely invite潜睹 you to attend this痞侨 conference.  We believe,   2010脐受 CHINA侔丈EASA 这善Conferen赎澜ce will give you 敖MyStep CMSrefreshing荠敢 fMyStep CMS跪eelings,   more m毋敖arket information 誀洽and business MyStep CMS设oppo蚕沧rtunitie条付s,   prov与涩ide you a wide 溶MyStep CMSplatform to meet new friMyStep CMSends in China,   MyStep CMS官geMyStep CMSt more understanding of Chinese industry and set u湾恿p危郾 you company image.苋吻空癣 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
O秘恭fficial website of莆崭 th脐擤is c伯顾onferencMyStep CMS区e灰MyStep CMS www.ch棕绥inaeas需茼 is open. Y翣斗ou ca佣董n check confer菩谈enc钢演e pr耕跌o指抠gramme,   speeches,  MyStep CMS哑 spons汀捞orship,   field trip,   exhibition,   delegates list and other informat啤卩ion on it,   and regi喏矛ster on-line. If you need visa help,   please tell us,   we佚MyStep CMS can provide you with绸灶 invi麓孜tatiMyStep CMS黍on letters. If you have any questi鸟蘩ons or requirements,   please扳邵 send emails to CMS锑cn  or liyi@c驶MyStep CMSccfna.诵动 .Original From Chinaeasa 2010
We are looking forward to meeting 奕MyStep CMSyou in Hefei,   China!品乙 Original From Chinaeasa 2010
Original From Chinaeasa 2010
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