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2011-02-23 13:12:21

Dear friends in essential oils,  flav浪拱or and fragraMyStep CMSnce,
屹合 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
CH耗馋INAEASA – China E穗邳ssential Oi莎搭ls,  Aroma and Spi玫MyStep CMSces Trade Association 羌紶isMyStep CMS a 抵吻national association under the Ministry of Commerce of China,  representing China’s manufacturer蝇蛊s,  processMyStep CMSMyStep CMSors,  traders 擒绩on e墚MyStep CMSssent夹业ial oils,  flavo抗噩rs,  fragrance, 轿 aroma and似止 spi氖MyStep CMSces.  CHINAEASA has he毫MyStep CMSld 4 芹MyStep CMSnMyStep CMSational 丈MyStep CMSconferences 赝MyStep CMSsuccessfully from 20MyStep CMS05 to 2009.  CHINEASA,  coope蕴MyStep CMSrated with I侯璃FEAT,  held the “Negotiation and Sho雹咳w富俊 Special for Ch怨洗ina Es捋袪sential Oils and Ar炉MyStep CMSoma Enterprises” during IFEATMyStep CMS兀 Conference Shanghai in Oc钢伟tober, MyStep CMS 2009.  In 2010,  CHINAEASA de奥耳veloMyStep CMS沧ped its conf佗蒽e莆MyStep CMSrence to be internationally,  and it isMyStep CMS the first internationa武肃l conference eveMyStep CMSr held in China on this industry h妆臭ostedMyStep CMS咴 MyStep CMSby C葡MyStep CMShina association.  A lot of fr税亓iends ou辨丁tside China have attended this 苠敌conferenceMyStep CMS and gav冼琶e it a high evaluation. WitMyStep CMSh the t美绣opic of “Build弱微 a瓜绘n e咩MyStep CMSxchange platform, 环询 Seek common de冢杭velopme若MyStep CMSnt of the industry”,  the confer茼谞ence has provided a 返丢goMyStep CMS稼od opportunity fo偎嗯r MyStep CMS援communication aMyStep CMS嗄nd cooperation for Chinese industry and friends all over 匈睜the world.拈血 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
MyStep CMS候害珠 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
2011 CHINAEAS至噫A Conference will MyStep CMS倘be heldMyStep CMS from May 22 to May 25 in Xi’an city,  Shaanxi堵鸭 Province,  China.  Xi’an is one of the most ancient citie粳MyStep CMSs in China and capi鹅嗔tal of 16 dynasties in China with the famousMyStep CMS name “Chang An” 粪哿in the hist阝堋ory.  Now t珍让his old city has very tenacio治方us vitalit蓖荛y with modernize疙贩d bMyStep CMS咛uildings and historica罐慎l sites combined succ持嘴essfully. 琼豁噗器 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
MyStep CMSTMyStep CMS撷his confer猪MyStep CMSence will arrang盯MyStep CMSe eight speeches习柜 MyStep CMS悟around 血天the hot topics c讦呔once眩叉rned by all people in thi虱MyStep CMSs industry,  郄扯an exhibition and s履MyStep CMShow fo喃舰r compan隰酆ies t匆入o n莴柄egotiate and making MyStep CMS般trade,  field 鹿trip to essential oil manufacturers,  half-da唼脔y tour in Xi五睜建MyStep CMSan and a post-conferenc酪MyStep CMSe tour to famous Mountain Hua.探冥盾龙 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
Original From Chinaeasa 2011
We sinMyStep CMS奴cerely invite 荟旦you to attend this conference.  W技烯e believe,  2011 C兹沾HINA脂笔EASA Int’l Co阼笛nference will giMyStep CMS痊ve you撕蹈 refreshi摩轰ng feelings,  more market information and business opportunities,  pMyStep CMS偬rovide you a 秒堕wide platform to meet new fMyStep CMS贞riends in 林叵China,  get m马臂ore 闹MyStep CMSunderstanding of Chinese 因MyStep CMSindustry 认要a柿碑nd 逮MyStep CMSset up you comp宵MyStep CMSany imagMyStep CMSMyStep CMSe.Original From Chinaeasa 2011
剑睁 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
Official website of this conference h其转t娇输tp://www嗉忙 will be open in Feb. You can check conference programme,  s鸵MyStep CMSpeeches, MyStep CMS sponsorship,  field trip,  exhibition,  delegates list and other iMyStep CMSnformation on it,  and register o暖激n-line. IMyStep CMS侉f you need invitationMyStep CMS letter for visa,  please tell us earlier. If you have an唉烤y questi寸瞧o论爬ns or req扭MyStep CMSuirements,  please se屯惑nd emails to or lMyStep CMSiyi@ccMyStep CMScfna离善 音至 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
MyStep CMS彼MyStep CMS甘 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
We are looki拗尤ng forward tMyStep CMS冲o meeting you in Xi’an庐剃 Chi砌MyStep CMSna!MyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2011
塘MyStep CMS烩讨 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
L按滴I Yi沈拍授 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
汉玖SecMyStep CMSretary General MyStep CMSMyStep CMSMyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2011
Chi毡仍na MyStep CMS琐EssentMyStep CMSial 墒MyStep CMSOils,  ArMyStep CMS叩oma钻啥 and Spices Trade Association瞅悯MyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2011
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