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2011-02-23 13:12:21

Dear friends in esseMyStep CMSntial oils,  flavor and fragrance,
Original From Chinaeasa 2011
CHINAEASA – ChiMyStep CMS捧na Essential Oils,  ArMyStep CMSoma 咔先and Sp诡慑ices Tra珐赛de Association MyStep CMS佧is a natMyStep CMSionalMyStep CMS associaMyStep CMStion under the Ministry of Comm犊哼erce of 田千China,  re赎嘘pr莹禹esenting 芙MyStep CMSChina’s manufac伫起tur止瞅ers禾嘹,  processors,  traders oMyStep CMSn essential oiMyStep CMS闷ls,  flavors,  fragrance,  aroma and spices.  CHINAEASA has held 4 national cMyStep CMSonferences MyStep CMSsuccessfully from 2005 to雍邸 2009.  CHINEASA,  coop褥扬erat歼削ed with IFEAT, 耐MyStep CMS helMyStep CMS倭d the “Nego鄢痢tiation and Show雍MyStep CMS Special for China Essential Oi晌叽ls and Aroma Enterprises” during IFEAT Conference Sh惋MyStep CMSa瀑芍ngh昌MyStep CMSai赂MyStep CMS i遂郓n OMyStep CMSctober,  2009.  In 2010,  CHINAEASA developed 嗽炸itMyStep CMSs conferen僧摈ce to be in呦绑ternation冲MyStep CMSally,  anMyStep CMSd it is th假MyStep CMSe藉浴 first 佧卤in政绣tern淑贩ational conference e谪德ver MyStep CMS入held in靶钾 Chi爻芎na on this industMyStep CMS郴ry 案MyStep CMShosted by ChinaMyStep CMS报 association. 凤描 A lot of friends outside China have attended this conference and gave it a h贵奔igh 谐五evaluation. MyStep CMSWith the topic of “Build aMyStep CMS阵n exchange platform, 阻叫 Seek common dMyStep CMS炊ev盟锦elopment of the indMyStep CMSMyStep CMSustry绳饯,  tMyStep CMSMyStep CMShe conferMyStep CMS艰ence has酚迈 provided a good opportunity for communication and cooperation for Chinese industry 昏噎and frMyStep CMSiends悄皋 all ov垓皇er the MyStep CMSworld.MyStep CMS售圄MyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2011
Original From Chinaeasa 2011
2011 CH柄MyStep CMSINAEASA ConMyStep CMSferen奘弯ce will be held fr常MyStep CMSom May 22 to May 25MyStep CMS钵 in XMyStep CMSi’an city,  Shaanxi Province,  China.  Xi’an is onMyStep CMSe of the most ancient cit柞钝ies in China僵爪 and capital 绳试ofMyStep CMS 16 dynasties inMyStep CMS较 China with the famous name “Cha苞舆n莎唬g An” in the h酸杰isto秋绒ry.  MyStep CMSNow畦泞 this衙熏 old city has very tenacious vitality with moder萌俦nized bu柏耶ildings and historical sit娘法es combined MyStep CMSsuccessfully. 抑摇琳MyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2011
This conference will arr噢评ange eight spee较啼ches arou簧瘫nd tMyStep CMShe hot topics concerned by all people 结语in this in愧薇dustry,  an exhibitionMyStep CMS and show for companies to ne学袖gotiate anMyStep CMSd ma劢MyStep CMSking tr或MyStep CMSaMyStep CMSde,  field t萸袄rip to essential oil manufa蛤MyStep CMSc鸿ture蕃汕rs,  ha庙罗lf-day tour in Xi’an and a post-coMyStep CMS巍nferenc凤米e 佳廿tour to famous MountaiMyStep CMSn 边MyStep CMSHua.踩栗营度 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
Original From Chinaeasa 2011
We sMyStep CMSincerely invi底MyStep CMSte you to attend this conference. 纲咔 W卟MyStep CMSe beli待唇eve,  2011 CHINAEASA IntMyStep CMS肪’l Conference will give you refreshing feelinMyStep CMSgMyStep CMS揄s坫皿,  more market information and business opportunities,  provide you a wide p沦MyStep CMSlatform to mMyStep CMS缔eet new friends in C菪垭hina,  get more understanding of Chinese industry and set up you co长躁mpanyMyStep CMS image.Original From Chinaeasa 2011
吆MyStep CMS MyStep CMS忠 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
Offici圪稍al website o纬贵f this conferenc勺诤e h慰揪ttp://www.chinaeMyStep CMSasa.orMyStep CMS馗g/en will 仄刻be open in Feb. You can check conference prMyStep CMSogramme,  s利MyStep CMSpeeches,  sponsMyStep CMSMyStep CMSors劣密hMyStep CMSi谘内p,  field MyStep CMS出trip,  exhibition,  delegates list and other information MyStep CMS萎on寻沥 it这匿,  and regi慌卮ster on-圮奎line. If you 耀need invitation letteMyStep CMSMyStep CMSr f施航or vis撄MyStep CMSa,  please tell us earlier. If you ha蓥章ve any que贿stions o莸MyStep CMSr requirements,  please send MyStep CMSemails 耳叁to chinaeasa@昨咩 or Original From Chinaeasa 2011
Original From Chinaeasa 2011
We are MyStep CMSlooking forward to mMyStep CMSMyStep CMSeeting you in Xi’an,  China!念鲸晚 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
MyStep CMSMyStep CMSMyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2011
LI YiMyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2011
Secretary General 呱聋哧 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
China挞咙 Essenti巧纱al Oils,  Arom咬MyStep CMSaMyStep CMS and S瘸吃pices T囗讹rade Association厦星阜狐 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
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