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2011-02-23 13:12:21

Dear friends in essential oils,  flavor and fragrance,
MyStep CMSMyStep CMS圃 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
CHINAEASA – China Essential Oils,  Aroma and Spic嬴俯es MyStep CMSTrade Associatio叠MyStep CMSn – is a nati烷MyStep CMSonal as殖惶sociation under the Ministry of Commerc魏喻e甄映 of 敌故ChinMyStep CMS联a,  representi骗墉ng China’s manufacturers,  processors,  traders on essential oi淡MyStep CMSls,  flavors,  fragrance,  aroma a圈MyStep CMSnd 脓MyStep CMSspices.  CHINAEASA has held 4 national coMyStep CMSnferences successfully fr袪墉om 2005 MyStep CMS闹to 2009.  CHINEASA,  cooperated 垤洛with IFEAT,  heldMyStep CMS the “N提谟egotiation and Show 痪MyStep CMSSpecial for China粹腑 Essential Oils战MyStep CMS and Aroma Enterprises” during IFEAT Conf汀疯erence Sha赏摹nghai in Oct辽MyStep CMSober,  2009. MyStep CMSMyStep CMS 者菀I硅沈n 2010,  C匣膘HINAEASA MyStep CMS啡developMyStep CMSed i灼MyStep CMSts c谀黑onference to be internationally,  and it is the first MyStep CMSinterna莺滦tional conference ever held in China on this 情酞i嫂分nMyStep CMS掂dustry host充龟ed by China a驱MyStep CMSssociation.  A lo凡尸t of friends outside China have atMyStep CMStended 再胜this confere搬戴nce and gave it a hMyStep CMS睛igh 甜铡evaluation. WiMyStep CMSt瘫神h the topic of “Build an exc己萁hange platform,  Seek郑菜 common development of the industry”,  the cMyStep CMS屋onfe缕MyStep CMSrence芯菊 has provided a good opportunMyStep CMS坜ity fMyStep CMSor communication and吵萁 coo罔疹peration for Chinese industry and friends 溉莘all over the world.Original From Chinaeasa 2011
憾MyStep CMS蔓绎 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
2011笺衍 C蹱旗HI琐梗NAEASA ConfeMyStep CMSrence will be MyStep CMSheld from May 22 to May 25 in Xi’an c皱MyStep CMSity,  Shaanxi Province,  China.  Xi’an iMyStep CMSs one of theMyStep CMS most ancient citieMyStep CMSs in笨惠 China and capital of 16 dyMyStep CMSnast除飞ies in China with th勉坐e fa喇MyStep CMSmous name “Chang An” in the history.  Now 哝乍this old根MyStep CMS city has very tenacious vitality with modernized buildings粕MyStep CMS and historicalMyStep CMS si侬MyStep CMStesMyStep CMS圃 combined successfully. 稽嘬 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
This邀懂 conferenc叭MyStep CMSe will arrange eight speeches aroundMyStep CMS嫂 the hot topics concerned by all peo嘿蝗ple 赞宛in thisMyStep CMS industry,  an ex窗MyStep CMShi申苞bition and show for companies to 舶金nMyStep CMS刿egotiate and making trade, 燕陀 field trip to essential oil 剩津manufacturers,  鞘MyStep CMSha服漂lf-day tour in X笛籍i’an aMyStep CMSnd a post-conference tour to famous Mountain HuaMyStep CMS.例嘘薯牺 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
MyStep CMS苎 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
We sincerely invite you to a据搂ttend this co浓霜nference.  We believe,  20蒸埏11 CHINAEASA Int’l Conferenc辗伫e will g榆蒎ive you rMyStep CMS骨efreshing feelings,  m翔MyStep CMSore market information and business opportunities,  provi穆嫩de you a wi隰斤de pl弗氨atform 吏凄to meet new friends in China,  get more understanding of Chinese industry and set upMyStep CMS MyStep CMSyou compa哕艺ny image.MyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2011
MyStep CMSMyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2011
Of谊额ficial website of this conference ht搓焙tp:// will be open in Feb. You can checkMyStep CMS缚 conference亦胀 programme,  speeches,  sponsorship,  field 幼庄trip, 渺昏 exhibit奈紧ion,  delegates list and other in氖力formation on it诜MyStep CMS,  and regi徐MyStep CMSster on-line. If you need invitation letter for v祁钱isa,  pl级奁ease tell us earlier. If 魄各you have any qMyStep CMSuestions 团懂or requireMyStep CMS么ments,  please send em仃隰ails to c佳冽hinaeasa@ccMyStep or 葼酝涯零 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
么彬夭卟 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
We are lo蕤筐okin存古g fo礌MyStep CMSrward to meetin藐攫g宜赤 you in Xi’an,  ChinMyStep CMSa!鳃措 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
迹巢 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
LIMyStep CMS YiOriginal From Chinaeasa 2011
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