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2011-02-23 13:23:09

CHINAEMyStep CMSASA Conference is an excellent opportunity for the enterprises to show their image and promo雪敛te their products. 2011 CHIMyStep CMS诠NAEASA CoMyStep CMS措nfer胯跃ence will set up exhibMyStep CMS帻ition booths for participants. The details侬谬 are奁憎 asMyStep CMSMyStep CMS follows, 雍MyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2011
A.   Exhibition FMyStep CMSee is USD400/booth,  includinMyStep CMS还g:呲凶湍 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
      a.     2MyStep CMS还 tables(1.80*0.45m)墙拴,  3chaiMyStep CMSrsOriginal From Chinaeasa 2011
      b.     Back夯倍 board (2m * 1.5 m),  Printing and Installation匍临睛 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
      c.   新蠣   One pageMyStep CMS裔 colorfu茑堤l ad in conference鄞梅 documentOriginal From Chinaeasa 2011
B.   Time Schedule:MyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2011
宛妆       May 23(1st day of the Conferen傺坜ce)袒信 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
          07:00-08:0绎所0 Booth decorationOriginal From Chinaeasa 2011
          08:00-12:00 ExhibiMyStep CMStionOriginal From Chinaeasa 2011
      May 24(MyStep CMS2nd day of the Conference)Original From Chinaeasa 2011
          08:00-1埔埤2:00 Exhibition喷MyStep CMS犀匍 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
Original From Chinaeasa 2011
Attentions:嗉邓 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
a.     Selectio綘洱n of the bMyStep CMSooths is subject MyStep CMSto the regist锁晕ration order.谛莩MyStep CMS滚 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
b.     After the registration is completed,  the secretariat will draft a booth mMyStep CMS嗣ap. According 郐编to the order of registr钾恿ation,  exhibitors can拖阐 select theiMyStep CMS垩r booth location. Once tMyStep CMShe booth is selected,  陷MyStep CMSthe MyStep CMSloMyStep CMS氐cation can not be c椰曙hanged anymore.帅梅 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
c. 刊烬  挫MyStep CMS   Staff on the booth mu砖惑st also beMyStep CMS tMyStep CMSMyStep CMShe official participanMyStep CMSts伐斌 o危MyStep CMSf the confer荦豆e拈抒nce,  and雁惺 have to wear the participant’s card.列直MyStep CMS伸 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
d.    MyStep CMS I鞋翠f electricity is needed MyStep CMSin the booth,  please info娘带rm the secretariat in advance.Original From Chinaeasa 2011
e椒股.      Deadline fo蒌磷r registration is April 1MyStep CMS纹5, 兜MyStep CMS 2011.澎谑豢 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
f.       The 2 files used for ba葩符ck board and ad in th孝星e confer咆伏ence document can be MyStep CMSeither劂踪 theMyStep CMS same or diffMyStep CMSerent,  and should be designed by the exh柔噢ibitors accord熔怎ing to the requirements of the secretariat. ElecMyStep CMSMyStep CMStronic copy of the 献郄fMyStep CMSi禺桐les should be submitted啧万 to se振隐creta您掳riat no later than April 20,  2011. Any negat叻呵ive sub混MyStep CMSsequence should be born娃MyStep CMS MyStep CMS欲by the exhibitor if the submission is dMyStep CMS份elayed.Original From Chinaeasa 2011
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