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2011-02-23 13:23:09

CHI椒召N类症AEASA CoMyStep CMS情nf硷邀erence is 狼番an excellent opportunity for the enterprises to show their iMyStep CMSmage and pr冠MyStep CMSomote t顽垮heir裁更 products. 2011 CHINAEASA Conference will set up exhibition booths for participantMyStep CMSMyStep CMSs. The details are as 恶MyStep CMSfollMyStep CMSows, 府妹瑶范 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
A.   Exhibition Fee is USD400/booth,  in佩屁cluding:电浓 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
      a.     2 tables(1.80*0.45m),  3ch盲抡airs饶锗楼雀 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
      b.     Back board (2m * 1.5删壮 m)MyStep CMS娜,  Printing and Installation郊谠 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
MyStep CMS       c.      One page colorfu刈MyStep CMSl 好浓ad in con喋稻ference document漾MyStep CMS涎抟 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
B.   Time Schedu阻纯le:MyStep CMS烹陇 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
      May堆雁 23(1st day of the Conference)勇漳润哩 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
          07隆锣MyStep CMS00-08:00 Booth decoration浚秽 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
       MyStep CMS   08:00-12:00 Ex她汰hi素谋bitionOriginal From Chinaeasa 2011
      奔悄May 2氓讳4(2nd day of the Conference)Original From Chinaeasa 2011
MyStep CMS           08:0MyStep CMS0-12:00 ExhibitionMyStep CMS误夕 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
MyStep CMS巧钝 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
Attentions:Original From Chinaeasa 2011
a.     SelecMyStep CMS揽tion景嗥 of the b升MyStep CMSooths瓶渐 is subject to the reg擦渔iMyStep CMS抿stratiMyStep CMS过on order.撩铸 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
b.    则贤 Af稍MyStep CMSter the registration isMyStep CMS c钒亿ompleted,  the secretariat will draft a booth map. According to 上倡the order of registration,  exh溺殆ibitoMyStep CMS畔rs can select their 溪理booth愉豺 location. Once the booth轿 is匚匀 selected,  the 亦秀location can not be骂吉 chanMyStep CMSged anymore.仂琉 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
c.      Staff on the booMyStep CMSth m憎MyStep CMSust also be the offi搔MyStep CMScial participants of 宪MyStep CMSthe conferenceMyStep CMS洼,  an描MyStep CMSd have to 憾耘weaMyStep CMSr the pa爪吾rt耿涸icipant纂掉’s card.MyStep CMS Original From Chinaeasa 2011
d.     If electricity忌圻 is needed in the booth,  pleMyStep CMSMyStep CMSase inform the secretariat in advance.卟MyStep CMS纵 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
e.   雾服   Deadline for regiMyStep CMS疼stratio蓿淑n is April 15,  2011.Original From Chinaeasa 2011
f.       The 2 files used fMyStep CMSor back board and ad MyStep CMS笨in the coMyStep CMSnference docume痹鼻nt can be eMyStep CMS拌iMyStep CMS故ther the same oMyStep CMS哧r diffeMyStep CMSrent,  and should be des匮椰igned诼陔 by the exhibitors accMyStep CMS带ordMyStep CMS赁ing to the requiMyStep CMSreme辟卓nts of the虪倍 secretariat. Electr摈粟onic copy of the拯摅 files should be sMyStep CMSubmitte苊MyStep CMSd to secretariat no later than April 20, 潞糯 2011. Any neMyStep CMSga薯买tive 添嘱subs拭MyStep CMSequenMyStep CMSceMyStep CMS敛 should be born by the exhibitor if the submissMyStep CMSi辞迂on is delayed.MyStep CMS烬 Original From Chinaeasa 2011
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