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Sponsors Introduction

2018-01-05 13:47:26

2018 CHINAEASA Conference

Sponsors Introduction

May 21-23,2018  Nanjing, China



Jiangsu Rich Native Animal Products Co.,Ltd.


Jiangsu Rich Native Animal Products Co., Ltd. (Primitive name: Nanjing Rich Native Animal Products Co., Ltd.) is a company which was established in 2002.The company has focused on importing natural flavors and juices for more than 10 years. Our company mainly imports Brazil orange oil, D-limonene, Lemon oil, Brazil orange juice, American concentrated grapefruit juice, Argentine Concentrated Lemon Juice and so on.

Our company is one of the largest importers of Brazil orange oil, D-limonene and Clove oil in china. We are distributors of several multinational companies in China. We have smooth direct import and export channels for fruit juice and spices. At the same time our company establishes and maintains cooperative relations with the universities, research institutions, domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers.

In order to provide 24 hours of uninterrupted service for all customers, we have four warehouses located in Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou and Tianjin, at the same time we set up overseas offices. We are looking forward to joining hands with our customers!



Diamond Sponsor:

Nanjing Crecle International Co.,Ltd.



Nanjing Crecle International Co., Ltd. was officially established in January 2007, based on the foundation of Sarcom Inc. (USA) Nanjing office. We mainly focus on exporting essential oils and aroma chemicals.

For two decades of development, we have set up strong business relationship for mutual benefits with over 100 manufacturers within China. Our sales network has been built into Europe, North and South America, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea and etc., with over 50 customers for over 100 products. The amount of exports last year (2016) is 12million US dollars.


Welcome Dinner Sponsor:

Yancheng Huading Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.




Yancheng Huading Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015 and is the second largest business unit of the Huabao Group. Huading has four subsidiaries: Yancheng Chunzhu Aroma Co.,Ltd. (a national high level tech enterprise, production of various kinds of low carbon esters), Guangdong Zhaoqing Perfumery Co.,Ltd.(a national high level tech enterprise, production of methyl maltol and ethyl maltol), Jiangxi Aroma Waves Bio-Technology Co.,Ltd. (synthetic fragrance of about 8,000 tons, production of furanone and sulfurol) and Yongzhou Shanxiang Aroma Co.,Ltd. (the biggest litsea oil enterprise globally).

Huading's business includes research, production, sales, and service of natural and synthetic aroma chemicals. At the same time, Huading also provides customers with sub-contract service and offers its assistance on research and design development.

Huading is committed to becoming one of the largest businesses of its kind by providing its customers with a full range of solutions, and forging the most competitive brand.

 Producing aroma chemicals with care and attention, Huading strives to meet and exceed all the needs of its customers all the time. lt is our hope that our fragrances and flavors can touch the hearts of everyone with Huading, our customers, and our end users.


Tea Break Sponsor:

Nanjing Vincero International Trading Co.,Ltd.



Nanjing Vincero International Trading Co.,Ltd. is located in Nanjing, a beautiful ancient city of civilization, the capital of Jiangsu Province. Our company is an integrated corporation of domestic and international trade. Our distribution of raw materials involving essential oils, synthetic aroma chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, varieties up to hundreds of species. The company has perfect production base, high-tech instrument device, strong technical force and experienced research team. Our company was formed by professional perfumer and managerial staff who were engaged in technical development of flavors and fragrance for years. Meanwhile we co-operated with a number of advanced international flavor and fragrance company. 
The company has always adhere to the "Survive by quality, seek development with the service," business philosophy, pursue the long-term development of the company's business to improve the company's economic and social benefits. We carry forward the "insist, professional, cooperation, innovation" atmosphere, that made credibility of our company into the customer's heart deeply.


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Nanjing Univis International Development Co.,Ltd.



Nanjing Univis International Development Co., Ltd. was set up in May 2008, our products cover Natural Essential Oils, Aroma Chemicals and Sweeteners- Sodium Saccharin & Stevia etc. After almost 10 years hard working, we have established concrete relations with Chinese Essential Oils Manufacturers and Farmers, also we established long term business cooperation with Distributors and End Users in Global market.

Our main products are: Lavender Oil, Mentha Piperita Oil, Spearmint Oil, Roman Chamomile Oil, Natural Sandalwood Oil, Gernanium Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Eucalyptol, Aniseed Oil, Anethole, Sodium Saccharin & Stevia etc.

Following the principle “Fair Trade, Honesty & Trustworthy, Cooperation & Mutual Benefits”, we are looking forward to the Joint Development with both Suppliers and Buyers.


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Huangshan Xinhui Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd.


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Our company was founded in 1984 which has a long history and advanced technology, was the reformation of Tunxi Perfumery Factory and Shexian Spice and Chemical Factory. Our core business are osmanthus concrete, osmanthus absolute oil, osmanthus essential oil and osmanthus water, and we also run the business of undecylenic acid, spearmint oil series products, litsea cubeba oil series products and peppermint oil series products. We have established a good and long-term relationship with many enterprises from the domestic and abroad because of our long-term stability supply chain of high quality sweet osmanthus and other raw material.