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Chinaeasa 2018 - News - Content

Attentions of 2018 CHINAEASA Conference

2018-05-03 22:03:39

Dear friends,


Welcome to 2018 CHINAEASA Conference, May 21-23, Nanjing Intercontinental Hotel.  Now there have been 300 delegates registered for the conference, and I hope it will be a successful and valuable conference to you.


Here are some points that I wish you can read clearly:


  1. 1.    Fly to Nanjing

I suggest that you fly to Beijing or Guangzhou or Hongkong and transfer to

Nanjing, from Nanjing airport, take a taxi to hotel, 45km, about 1 hour, the fee is around RMB150 (USD23).  Subway is too too long, not suggested.


  1. 2.    By train from Shanghai to Nanjing

If you insist to fly to Shanghai Pudong airport, you should take the train to Nanjing, remember to change some RMB cash in Pudong Airport.


The route is as follow:


    You fly to Shanghai Pudong airport, and there are two ways to Shanghai Hongqiao railway station,

    A. take the subway No.2 to "Hongqiao Railway Station" about 1 hour.  

    B. take suttle bus to "Hongqiao Railway Station", about 1.5 hours.

    Hongqiao railway station and Hongqiao airport are in the same building with different terminals.


    In Hongqiao railway station, you buy tickets from Shanghai to Nanjing.


  There are two railway stations in Nanjing --- 1. Nanjing station, 2. Nanjing South station.  Both stations are ok.


    There are many trains from Hongqiao station to Nanjing& Nanjing South Station, please buy the train with G as beginning, such as G102, G7004......, that means high-speed train.  The duration is from 1h9m to 2h11m.  You can buy tickets in Hongqiao Station according to your time with passports.


You can take a taxi to hotel from Nanjing Station: 5km, 10 minutes.

You can take a taxi to hotel from Nanjing South Station:20km, 30 minutes.


Subway is NOT suggested, as a lot of people will crowd there to buy tickets from the machine, and the machine only accepts 5/10 yuan bill and 1 yuan coins, which you should prepare for that.

From Nanjing South Station to Gulou Station, No.1 Line, 10 stops, 7 yuan

From Nanjing Station to Gulou Station, No.1 Line, 3 stops, 3 yuan

The machine has English language page for buying tickets.


If you insist to try the subway, then take Line 1 to Gulou Station, and 4A exit is just in front of Intercontinental hotel. But unfortunately, there is no lift or elevator for exit 4A to the ground, so if you have big luggage, you can change to other exit with lift, but have to cross the road to reach our hotel.


  1. 3.    Hotel name in Chinese:

When you take a taxi, please show the words printed as below to the driver.




  1. 4.    Invoice:

I have sent invoices to many companies who have made the bank transfer

already. For delegates who will pay by credit card or cash in Nanjing, please remember to get formal invoice from me with my signature in person when you register on May 21 or any time during the conference.


  1. 5.    The most important: Welcome dinner begins at 18:30, May 21

The welcome dinner will be in Grand Ball Room, 6/F, do join the dinner on

time where you will meet all friends in this trade.  Meantime, there will be lottery draw and top prize waiting for you.

If you do not stay in Intercontinental, please come to Intercontinental and register for

conference on afternoon of May 21, and join the welcome dinner.


  1. 6.    Weather

Average temperature in May in Nanjing is around 26℃ or 80℉, short cloth is ok for

being outside, but in meeting room, you’d better take a jacket, suit or scarf.


  1. 7.    Visa

You need visa to enter China to Nanjing. If you need invitation letter or hotel

confirmation for visa, please tell me as soon as possible, the conference can provide for you.


Looking forward to meeting you in Nanjing!

Welcome to Najing, China!


If you have any difficulty, just call me: 0086 13910770134, I will be at your help all the time.


Li Yi

Secretary General

China Essential Oils, Aroma & Spices Trade Association---CHINAEASA

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