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CHINAEASA 2019 - Fees - Content

Registration Fee

2019-01-07 16:32:24

May 21 to May 24, 2019  St. Regis Hotel, Tianjin, China


The fees below are valid on the actual payment date.


I. Conference Registration Fee



May 1 and after




II. Hotel --- St.Regis Hotel, Tianjin -- May 21 to May 24, 3 or 2 nights

USD140/per night, breakfasts, tax and service fees are included


III. Exhibition -- May 23 to May 24, 2 days

USD500, a booth


IV. Pre-conference Field Visit -- May 22



V. Half-day Field Visit – May 23 Afternoon



VI. Sponsorship

Please see the introduction of Sponsorship.  If you’d like to be a sponsor, please contact secretariat directly.




I.  Conference Registration Fee includes

a.Welcome Dinner and Performance Show on May 22

b.Two working luncheons on May 23 and May 24

c.Tea-breaks on mornings of May 23 and May 24

d.Conference documents, including speeches, delegates list, photos and ads

e. Conference Halls for two days and LED screens

f. Experts and speakers for their transportation, accommodations and rewards

g. Simultaneous interpretation (Chinese and English)

h. Bags and delegate cards

i. Conference organization expenditure

j. Tax


II. Hotel Fee includes

a.2 breakfasts are included at most for one room with the checked in names

b.Service fee and tax

c.Free WIFI and internet access

d.Free swimming pool and fit-up exercises

e.12:00 check out

f.If you choose the pre-conference field visit, you will book room from May 21 to May 24 for 3 nights.

g.If you only join the conference, you will book room from May 22 to May 24 for 2 nights.

h.Please choose your checkin and checkout dates when you register on line.

i.2 days before the conference and 2 days after the conference, the room price will keep the same.  If you stay beyond this period, the price will be higher.


III. Exhibition Fee includes

a. Rent of corridor and rest area outside the conference hall

b. Rent of 2 tables (1.8m*0.45m), 3 chairs

c. Back board, printing and installation

d. 1 colorful ad in conference document

e. Fee should be paid for extra requirement such as design, electricity or water

f. You will only design the picture with the size of the back board and give the picture to secretariat by April 30, then bring your samples and brochures to the booth.


IV. Pre-conference Field Visit on May 22 includes

a.Bus rent and insurance

b.Reception cost of the visited companies



V. Half-day Field Visit on May 23 Afternoon includes

a. Bus rent and insurance

b. Reception cost of the visited places

c. Supper


Electronic Copy of Ads

a. If you choose ad in documents, please send electronic copy of picture to secretariat before April 30,2019.

b. If you choose exhibition booth, please send electronic copy of back board picture to secretariat before April 30,2019.

c. If you choose sponsorship, please send company logo, introduction words of company, official website and company pictures to secretariat as soon as possible in order to show them on conference website.


Account information in US Dollars

Bank transfer made payable to: CFNA

Account No. 110060194145300004859

Name of Bank: Bank of Communications Beijing Branch

Address of Bank: No.33, Jinrong Str., Xicheng Dist.,Beijing, 100032 China


Address of CCCFNA: 4/F, Talent Building, No.80, Guangqumennei Street, Beijing 100062, China

Note: 2019 CHINAEASA


** Please transmit the registration fee in USD in advance, invoice will be provided by electronic copy or by formal paper in the conference hotel

** If you wish to pay by cash or credit card, please confirm with secretariat by email and pay it on registration in the hotel.



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